Dear Inked up Chester customers,

Firstly, we would like to say ‘Hi’ and we hope you have all been safe during the lockdown.

As yet we do not have a date when we can open, but hopefully it will not be too long now.

When we do, we are determined to keep our customer’s safe, our team safe and to provide the same high-quality Tattoos, that you have all been used to.

We have always provided extremely high standards of cross infection control, and we are determined to continue with this to keep everyone safe.

It should be remembered that a Tattoo & Piercing Studio is a very clean environment, especially compared to other public places and that there is no evidence of Covid-19 transmission occurring in increased rates in studios or staff.

When we return to work, we will have new protocols in place. This will include the use of enhanced personal protective equipment otherwise known as PPE.

Even during consultations, we will be wearing more PPE and the cleaning procedures in between customers will be further enhanced.

Due to these changes in protocols to protect us all and keep us all safe, appointments will be longer and spaces in between appointments will also be longer, and therefore our capacity will initially be reduced.

This means that our return to work will require that any appointments missed due to lockdown will be prioritised to begin with.

We are therefore aiming to make sure that the studio is prepared and that we can start to see customers as soon as we can by the government.  Please note that the studio might look a little different as we will have to move items around to make it easier to clean.

As we start to book appointments for our customers, we will be in touch to arrange them and the new protocols will include:

  • A pre appointment screening by telephone – this is vital so again please make sure we have your current and up to date contact telephone number.
  • If you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate, please do not attend the practice.
  • Pre appointment covid-19 screening.
  • If you can bring a face covering.
  • When you come into the studio, we will welcome you and your temperature will be recorded, if it is high you will be asked to leave the studio.
  • You will be asked to disinfect your hands.
  • Appointments will be staggered to avoid customers arriving at the same time; therefore, it is vital that you attend on time to avoid any problems with social distancing.
  • Please attend on your own if possible, bringing as few items into the studio. If others attend, they will be required to wait outside.
  • Please note that there will be no toilet facility available at the studio.

As we will all be wearing more PPE, we apologise in advance for the necessary reduction in social interaction that this will necessitate. Whilst our masks make us appear impersonal and distant please be assured, we are still the same friendly team.

We hope that this reassures all our customers that we will continue to support them. We will maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cross infection control making it safe to get you Inked Up.

All we ask is that you are patient with us in trying to schedule appointments, especially in the next few months.

As soon as we have an opening date, we will let you know, so we can book your appointment.  Until then please stay safe and continue to follow government advice and we all look forward to returning to a more normal life as soon as possible.

The Team at Inked up Chester