Hans Tattoo Artist Chester

HANS - Tattoo Artist

Hans has a wealth of experience in the tattoo profession. He has worked and gained valuable skills in Thailand, London, Wales and ran a successful studio of his own in Manchester. He is our main artist at Inked Up Chester since opening in 2012. Hans specialises in black and grey work, and particularly enjoys portrait work.


CAITLIN - Tattoo Artist

Caitlin has been tattooing since 2019 and has previous experience working in studios in North Wales. She is happy to be versatile with your tattoo ideas and works with both black and grey and coloured pieces; her main love is dotwork and geometric in which she won an award for at a tattoo convention in Wrexham back in 2021.


KELSA - Junior Tattoo Artist

Kelsa has been tattooing since October 2021 and recently joined us in 2023. She works in black & grey and enjoys anything fine-line or ornamental, hoping to eventually move towards realism. You can keep up to date with her progress and more recent designs on our Facebook and by following her own social media pages.


TIA - Junior Tattoo Artist

Tia enjoys tattoos of all shapes and sizes, with her main interests lying in lettering and more abstract themes. Tia is always looking to take on new projects, from anything big bad and gothic to a more fine line approach!

Commissions are currently open with her for all types of artworks, from pet portraits to designing custom fonts.


Farah – Tattoo Artist

Farah is a traditional handpoke tattoo artist. Farah's artist name is Nimueh which comes from her Welsh roots.  She has many years of experience and has been working in Japan, Australia, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. Her style is ornamental, neo tribal and geometric style work. Using mostly thick line work, Black work and dot work.