Healthy Happy Bodies

Tattoos and piercings trigger your immune system; if you have a hangover, feeling rubbish, full of cold or generally just sick your body isn't going to appreciate you getting a new tattoo or piercing it just gives it that one extra thing to try to heal! So do your body a favour make sure you are nice and rested beforehand.

Eat something
Even if you don't feel like it, having something to eat before a tattoo/piercing is always a good idea and it's always handy to have a sugary drink or snack on you to keep your sugar levels up!

Check your spelling
Single check, double check, triple check! We will check it in the studio but it's going to be on you FOREVER so please check as well!

Avoid Alcohol
Drinking a little bit to take the edge off might sound like a good idea, but don't do it! Alcohol thins the blood, making you bleed and swell more during the tattoo/piercing process.

Is it going to hurt?
Yes it's going to hurt a little. Trust us it's worth it. And it doesn't hurt all that bad!

Do I need ID?
You need to be 18 to get your new ink so if you are under 25 or are lucky enough to have a lovely youthful face please bring I.D you on the day of your tattoo.

For most piercing you must be 16 or 15 with a parent signing for them, except some that may be 18+ please check with us!